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[Fan Account] 110922 Key’s Surprise Birthday Party
Thursday, September 22, 2011 | 11:47 PM | 0 comments
Sebelum sy melelapkan mata sy,sy mau post something yg sngat sy suka baca.Sangat-sangat okeyz.Tgoklah betapa hebatnya dan cutenya namja-namja yg menjadi kesayangan sy ini.Saya sngat syg dengan mereka.Aren't they sweet?You will they are so sweet after reading this:

The boys talked about their trip to Spain & Russia and also about their japanese version of Lucifer among other things:

 - Key said that he encountered a theif in Spain!!! And then Minho said that theif must be his.. and stole his heart!

 - Onew borrowed Key’s shirt and a dancer’s beret. And he looked delighted. (via: noonew nolife / Trans by: seunghee)

 - Jjong said that the japanese lyrics for Lucifer are too hard, he feels that it sounds like 3rd world (alien) language…

 - Before the party, Taemin asked Minho, “Minho hyung! Did you buy a present?”
 And  Minho said, “No, I did not prepare a friggin- ” He stopped talking and  after that rephrased his answer to “Oh, I didn’t prepare a present!!” (via: @shye0525)

 - Minho fed Key a piece of cake! (Cr: 9142 / Trans by: BLAQMeeSHINing)

 - Onew fell into the water in spain & Taemin went into water to save him! (Cr: vivitrollian)

 -  OnTae were “bullying” Key.. in his hotel room in SG!!! And Minho heard  ”ahh ahhh” outside the rooms. He came in halfway and joined Onew &  Taemin in throwing Key around..

 -  Jinki said that he threw key 40 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Apparently, when Key feels bored, him and Jinki will say “I love you” to Taemin and pull him around…

 - During SWC in Singapore int he hotel:, Taemin + Key shared a room, Jonghyun + Minho a room & Onew gets a room to himself.
 Manager told minho, “Go to Taemin’s room! Hurry! Taemin said he has something important to tell you.”
 However Minho was too tired and said “Can’t he tell me tomorrow?”
 Then Manager said “No! Go now! Quickly!”
 SO  Minho went. When he reached Taemin’s room, he heard some funny sounds  like “eue oeok eueoeok’ in the room. He went in and saw Taemin and Onew  throwing Key around.
 Taemin saw Minho and said, “Oh hyung yo came in  time! We just started!!” And then Minho joined in and the three of them  threw Key around kekeke~
 it’s so Cute them>_< (via: @shye0525)

 - They said that Minho and Key went out alone in Russia! (via: vivitrollian)

 - Minho and all of the SHINe went to daegu in Minho’s new car. (via: dalbit1209)

 -  Key said last time if you bully him he’ll get pissed off but recently  he has forgotten how to get pissed off… Then the members were saying  they like to see Kibum getting bullied. Then they really bullied Kibum  but Kibum was just laughing. (via: @Shining0525 / Trans by: byulbit)

 - Key said that he will save Onew first, if all the members were all drowning!

Cute kan boyz saya!!!!!!!!


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