Sweet Love
Friday, September 02, 2011 | 12:48 AM | 0 comments
I believe that everybody in this world got their own crush.
What is crush?

A crush is a person who makes your heart beat faster,
You can't breath around them, 
Never talk to them,because you like them,
Your not in love with them, but you could be if they felt the same way.

If they don't have now,they will get a crush on someone someday.
That boy above is my big crush that I know won't be mine.
Never.But still love him like crazy n his 4 other kiddy frens.
Actually the 5 kiddy boyz are my big crush.
But,I will never meet them but really want to meet them.
I hope 1 day.
I've been crush with someone.Actually I have a lot of crush.
But this person,I want to talk is my long crush.
Let me tell,this is my big secret.
I like him since I was 11.N until now I still like him.
Let me call him 'A'.
Honestly,sometimes I like him but sometimes I really hate him.
I ever hate him so much.Wae that happen?
Sorry,can't tell.It's too personal to wrote it here.
I afraid that someone we know read about this.
Uh,I started to feel disgust with myself.
Why am I being like this n so suddenly I want to talk about my crush?
Bcuz something happen between us today.
Only a really little thing not a big thing.
But,it's enough to make me happy n smile secretly.
Have U ever feel the same way like I feel today?
For this year,there's only 2 moments between us that makes me smile.
The 1st moment,is on 2nd of April n 2nd is today,1st of September.
Then,something really weird happen a week after 2nd April.
I suspect,the guy who pretend to be another guy is him.
Might be him.He add me,then comment n like my pics.
SHINee pics.I ask him a question about K-Pop n d answer that d guy gave me is d answer that I expect.It's really the same with what 'A' likes.
That's really him.But now,he's activate that fake FB account maybe bcuz he know I know about it.
Then,we like ignoring each other.
Day by Day.
Today is fun,I told you.
We wipe the floor together.
Okeyz,enough about d fantasy.
I can't like him bcuz I know I clapped one hand only.
Clapped one hand won't make sound rite.
Besides that,there's a big reason why can't I LIKE  him.
Just cannot.Just cannot.
I'm going crazy n annoying.

Dear Heart,
Please dissapear him from you.
He's like SHINee that I can't have.


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