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Trial 1 Is Over!!!!!!
Thursday, August 18, 2011 | 4:24 PM | 0 comments

Holla~I'm happy today but not too happy!!!!!!
Bcuz my 1st Trial for SPM officially end today.
Wae I'm not too happy?
Bcuz,I've already got my half marks for EA n SJ.
Paper 1 only.
N my results is not that I can proud about.Bad owh.
Menurun owh~
Walaupun only objective question but it's hard.
After Raya,they will be another exam.
N I must study really hard to get a better marks.
Especially SPM.
N now I think I can relax juz like d girl above.
But for a little time only.
Then,I must really2 have to start study hard n smart.
N saya ada firasat owh,yg sy punya No kat kelas akan menurun for this time.
Before this,I got no 4.
But for this new exams,I'm not sure.
Bcuz my frens marks are better than me :(
But juz got 2 paper bha.
D others blom lagi.
Saya paling takut mau terima Paper Akaun!!!!!!
Klah,Annyeong :)


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