Sweet Love
Taekey's Face :(
Friday, August 12, 2011 | 8:47 PM | 0 comments

Try to see closely at Taekey's face.
Notice something?
Their face looks tired especially Taemin.
Taemin looks like a cute panda.
N of cuz if we don't look closely they looks so cute.
I wanna squish Taeminie.
He got an eyeback.My Key has an oily face here.
Poor my baby.
Their schedule now is so tight.
SHINee have to go back to Japan n Korea n Japan n Korea.
They really need to rest.
Or else they will sick.
I don't want my babies to get sick.
It's good to be known by a lot of people from other country but if they always go to Japan, I afraid that they might end up like TVXQ hyungs.
Chebal SHINee ah~

N 1 things,there's a rumor said that SHINee will make a comeback on Dec n recently,also they said on Nov 2011.I don't knowlah which is true.It's too late lah for them cuz there's an idol gonna make a 2nd comeback for this year.If on Dec, it's oklah,so that I can focus on my SPM.
SHINee ah~if this true,make it after 14 Dec okeyz.
That's d last day of SPM n also Onew's n my Eomma's b'day.
So,whatever it is SHINee n Me Hwaiting!!!!!


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