Sweet Love
Monday, August 08, 2011 | 4:58 PM | 0 comments

Daebaklah SHINee sy :)
This MV is so awesome.
So much better than Korean Version.
N once again,my 5 adorable boys was wearing colourful clothes.
So cute.
I like their colours.
Errm...I see my diva's yellow thing.
I like~
So sexy diva.
Uh~Minho's rap.
Jjong's voices. 
Onew's smile almost at d end.
Taemin's cuteness n rap.
N all Key's part. 
That part is really killing me.
SHINee is too hot n cute.
Owh~How I Love Them So Much~
SHINee ah~juz keep shining n never break down okeyz.
Ma Boy.
Forever Yeongweonhi~
There's a part where my diva really look like Pink Power Rangers.
The belit2 pink.
I really like to see my diva with headband.
That was sweet of u Key.
I wonder if after this SHINee will make Ring Ding Dong or Lucifer Japanese version.
I hope they will.
Must be daebak!!!!!!
Aww~semalam sy ada nmpaklah gmbr SHINee d airport.
On d way to Japan.
I surprised when I see Key's fashion.
Take a look at this.

Isn't he hot??
Or it's just on my eyes?
Wae I surprised?
Bcuz he's macho this time.
Selalunya sy asyik tgok Key dgan fashion dia yg over n ada class.
Tapi this time,he looks simple n macho.
Really look manly.
Mcam Minho punya style bha.
1st time nie sy tgok Diva sy semacho n sesimple this.
I like 100%.
I really want to see Key with this kind of fashion lagi owh.
Can u imagine that,Macho Key?
But I think this is juz for a while.
A diva can't be a Macho always.
But,I still love My Macho Diva.

Raihan@Miss Simple.

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