Sweet Love
My Key on Top 5 Again :)
Thursday, August 04, 2011 | 8:18 PM | 0 comments

Uhh~My Diva.
Chukahae Bummie.
Ndak sngka plak yg Key sy akan msuk lagi dlam poll like this.
Although he's always in 5.
But kwenchana.
But again for me,of cuz he's d 1st that I want to go on a vacation with.
He's my only baby.
He's been called Mommy Key.
Aww~such a cute name.
I Love My Mommy Key.
So Much.
I want him to cook for me n take me shopping.
I want him to choose a good dress for me.
Chehhhh....angan2 yg ndak kan kesampaian.
Kiss Kiss Kiss Key.

Raihan@Miss Simple.

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