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Igen Boya?
Sunday, August 07, 2011 | 6:18 PM | 0 comments

[CONFIRMED] Heechul and Key are hired as the new choreographers for SNSD’s new single. Credit: @jangwuyeong

Ermm...my reaction when I 1st saw this statement,I was so shock n happy.
Biar Betul??!!!!!!
But after I think about it,I wasn't happy anymore.
This still can be rumors bcuz there's no confirmation from SMent.
Also,I still remember about confirmed things about that they said Key n other SMent artist gonna be a cameo in Pinnochio by f(x).They said it's confirmed!!!But when d MV was released,it's dissapoint me.
So,I don't want to believe in this statement although they wrote CONFIRMED there :(
Makes me go down ja.
But,if it's true,Aminlah.Bangga with my Key.
But they said it's not true bha!!!!!!

Okeyz,here's d thing.
I want to post about SHINee's Juliette Japanese Version MV n SHINee's pic which they wear Mr Simple shirts.
But,I can't now cuz i have to study for my Trial 1.
Dear Maths,let's juz be fren tommorow until d  end of SPM.
So,I 'm juz gonna post 2morolah or lusa.
Really wanna post n talk2 about that 2 things but can't now.
So,Annyeong :)

Raihan@Miss Simple

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