Sweet Love
I Ask I Answer
Friday, August 26, 2011 | 10:13 PM | 0 comments
1.Korea.Tapi sy suda sngat bersukur sebab dpat tinggal di Malaysia yg aman dan damai.
2.My Best Fren,Nur Syafini Azirah.
3.When I fall in love with someone?Heeeee :)
4.Ada.Tapi sy x pakai tudung.Nanti lah lpas Raya sy upload k.So,sy bagi gmbr fav actress sy lah k.
5.My body.
6.I never have a date before.Huhuhuhuhu.Poor me.
7.Novelist n SHINee manager.
8. "Punya bagus otak ko nie.Ndak sia2 ibu bawa ko keluar nie hari",by mom juz now.
10.When I was in Form 1.
11.Saturday bcuz it's holiday n time to go to 'jalan2'.
12.Boy-Muhammad Hakim. Girl-Airin Hidayah.
13.I can write a very long Karangan if it's about story.
14.Never.I won't do that.I'm a very nice person bha.
15.Never had that.Hahahahaha.
16.Mr Simple,Cute,Funny,Kind n good @ cooking.
17.December holiday bcuz it's a very long holiday n bapa sy selalu bawa makan angin time nie.
18.I don't know.Maybe those who always post about SHINee things.
19.When my Akaun n Maths paper mau kena returned n atas stage.Saya gemuruh nie kalo depan ramai org.Pemalu sngat.Shy girl bha me.
20.Last day of school before Hari Raya!!!!!!!
21.Forgot already.But maybe ada kena mengena dgan sy punya clumsyness.
22.Of cuz lah SHINee songs.
23.Korea.I never talked or chatted with my Tumblr frens.So,no one.
24.*I Give My First Love To You.
      *My Tutor Friend 2
      *Tsunami At Heundae.
      *Harry Potter
      *Koizora@ Sky Of Love.
(Too many too list.Actually byak sngat yg best tp time mcam nie lah pulak sy ndak ingat)
25.Of cuz.I believed everybody in this world has been in loved n will in love someday.It's all about the time.


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