Sweet Love
Full Version Of Kiss Kiss Kiss
Sunday, August 28, 2011 | 7:25 PM | 0 comments
The full version release suda.I'm happy!!!!!!
Tidak over kah kalo sy cakap yg lagu Kiss Kiss Kiss nie adalah best Japanese song yg sy pernah dengar?Ever.Sngat best.Daebak Kiss Kiss Kiss.Actually sy mau kasi post from Youtube tp susah mau cari n copy bha.Terlampau byak suda tajuk Kiss Kiss Kiss.Tapi dun worry sebab sy suda tukar lagu background sy.Still the same song but longer n full version.I can say that the song is perfect.SHINee's voice makes me melt.The part that I like the most of cuz my bias part.~I just need you~
Tapi mmg semua part sngat best.I hope they will sing this perfect song Live.N I also hope for MV.But that's impossible rite.Wat to do?Hrmm...syg SHINee sngat.Okeyzlah,until here.Sy suda dwnload full version n mau kasi masuk dlam MP3.Blehlah dgr lagu Kiss Kiss Kiss yg sangat sedap nie di Kg.Can I Kiss Kiss Kiss SHINee?Can bha kan.Mmmuuaahhhh!!!!!!


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