Sweet Love
Which One Is True Nie?
Monday, July 04, 2011 | 2:15 PM | 0 comments
July 6 - teaser release (confirmed)
July 8 - single release (confirmed)
July 9 - mv release (confirmed) and Music Bank come back
July 10 - Music Core come back It says confirmed because SME has confirmed it.
So,that's it.I'm happy when I see that info.But d things that makes me really confused now is,recently they said that SHINee gonna make Juliette Japanese version n juz now there's a stalker pics that shows Jongkey.They like resting n from their clothes we can now that d clothes is really clothes for Juliette style.
So,wat about  the info above?Bcuz, I know that if they do Juliette Jpanese version,it's impossible for them to make a comeback at Music Bank or Music Core.But, i don't knowlah if the clothes that I see b4 is not for Juliette.Key's hair also looks likes Julieete hair.But,honestly I don't like Key,Jonghyun n Taemin style in Juliette Korean version.N I hope if they really gonna make Juliette Japanese version,Key's hair n others will be nice. I know other member their hair will look nice but Key i realize,in almost all SHINee's MV,he's hair is d one that i don't like too much.Especially Lucifer.So,Key chebal.Ur hair. N seems like on the stalker pics,Key's hair is not nice owh.I don't knowlah d result bcuz d pics is blur bha.So,juz wait n see jalah later which one is true.


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