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Where's My SHINee??!!!!!
Thursday, July 07, 2011 | 4:08 PM | 0 comments

It's really been a long time!!!!!
Where is my SHINee?
I think it's already more than 10 days i didn't hear any news about them.
I'm so sad n miss them like crazy.
I know maybe they're doing their new MV for Juliette Japanese Version or else.
But,today is 7th of July n there's no teaser from them like said before.
Supposedly  the teaser realesed yesterday but I waited for d all day but it's hopeless.
When will SHINee comeback actually?
Yesterday,there's a pics that shows Taemin with his new hair.
Taemin goes blonde again for their new MV.Blur pics again.
Actually,b4 this there' a pics that I said b4 that  is Jongkey pics that stalker has been take.
But,actually...it's Taemin not Key.

As you can see,we can see Jjong clearly at d pics but the guy next to Jjong really looks like Key rite.
N a lot of Shawols confuse about it whether it's Key or Taemin.
N it's really Taemin.

Like eomma like son.
Pelislah I miss SHINee like crazy n I hope they will comeback as fast as possible.
SHINee ah~Chebal Palli Turawa ^_^
One more thing,it's also really impossible for my SHINee to make a comeback on MB n MC as said before bcuz I think they gonna do a Japanese song not Korean song.

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