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Taemin me2day update on his birthday n fan-acc
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[태민] 여러분 덕분에 너무너무 즐거웠어요~사실 오랜만이라 그런지 처음엔 마니 어색하드라고요~ 그래도 이런날에 여러분을 만날수 있어 기쁘고 이런자리 마련해 주셔서 너무 너무 행복해요~ 샤이니월드사랑해~!!♥ 
Thanks to everyone’s I am very very happy~ in fact don’t know if it’s because of not meeting for a long time, from the beginning the feel is abit awkward~ but today seeing everyone am very happy, and I am thankful to have such a chance , feeling very very bless ~ SHINee World I love you all!! ♥

1. After the cake was bought out, Key say that he know this cake , and said that his friend? Gave him before. He mention that the flower on top of the cake is edible .So after blowing the candles everyone had a bite. Taemin asked is this really edible? Minho standing at the side after looking at it and say, Flower is for decoration!!!
Everyone eat it up in just one mouth 

Key say that he know that cake, and it’s made from a very famous bakery.
And he mention that the flower is edible , Jonghyun personally fed Taemin
Taemin frown , and he did a expression as if he want’s to vomit
After that Minho read the instruction and he shouted, That can’t be eaten! Ah!
The funny thing is Key didn’t mean to bluff them , he really didn’t know that and he thought that the flower on the cake is edible but…

2. Onew , Key , Taemin stay in the same room
Taemin took the 1st bed and key took the 2nd , Key said that there’s one day
After he woke up and look at 1st bed, he saw taemin using blanket to cover *middle part* and he thought Taemin was naked while sleeping , and he was totally shock.
Members said that , so what if he is naked? Key said , covering it make it look so wrong? (something like that) Minho said, You like Taemin? And everyone was disturbing them.

3. Talking about Billiards Looking at Taemin Key ask him what present do you want, Minho standing at the side said “ pool table”, so it’ll be easier to play , Billiards , Key said that it was what Minho wanted, although Minho always play Billiards Key said that when it’s his first time playing Billiards he won Minho , Minho fight back and say *NO.. NO!!! and he got so agitated ;;

4: Talking about the honeydew :
Key said that during that time he find that it’s interesting and he did it, Minho say that
A lot of people enjoy seeing that, Key say that Junior high school student always do that. Key say that Jonghyun is Junior high school student symptoms  premium version
After that, they bring up Onew who ‘ate the handphone’ and say that that’s not Junior high school student symptoms  it’s Primary student symptoms

5. Key say that he will post me2day soon
As recently he find himself not photogenic so he didn’t update , he say that ,
If there’s a chance he will take and post it

6. Today Taemin mumble a lot , at a hand saying some numbers and he kept quiet , Key thought that he is saying some unglamorous words and he was stunt.

7. mentioning about billard games, Minho & Taemin today after finish their first half of game, pause and went out, Key says, ah~  so both of your didn’t keep it and went out right?

8. Minho say he gave Taemin a pair of shoes and a t-shrit as birthday present, the others didn’t gave any present. Key say I give you a chance, Taemin didn’t say it now let him say. Taemin say .. Shoe.. fans say shoe Minho has already given? Taemin & Jonghyun said together  : A better one!!!

9. The mistake make during the interview that time  Imitating Japanese Taemin kept blinking Key say the same thing as that time ‘how’ Key also mention that it’s not live broadcast why can’t it be cut away .

10. (adding to the no.2 point)
Taemin wear’s only short while sleeping after finishing the topic on sleeping , Jonghyun say , Minho and himself  while sleeping is really messy , during their debut days the pajamas that fan gave were very comfortable , 5 of them has different kind of pajamas, till now they still wear but didn’t care whose is whose, just grab and wear. One of the pajamas with a ‘cow picture’ was the most comfortable one, Onew say that the pajamas is now beside his bed. Key suddenly say , we just mention that we didn’t care, ah! That’s mine why did you!!!

11. Jonghyun say that ‘hacking’ into Taemin’s UFO is granted by Taemin

12. SHINeeworldconcertTW Amigo Jonghyun fell down is because
Jonghyun mention that during AMIGO (Taiwan) he fell down because he step on a bottle cap. Key thought that he wanted to make a better effect and did it on purpose, and when he glance at him , he found out that Jonghyun was surprise and shock kkkkk  After Jonghyun fell down, he saw Taemin’s expression . Taemin’s expression was wondering how’s the stage going to be .

Aww~Looks like all my Baby's enjoying d Birthday  Party.
I'm happy if there are Happy :)


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