Sweet Love
SUPER PRECIOUS ,KEY2MIN feat f(x) HELLO @ Inkigayo
Sunday, July 10, 2011 | 5:17 PM | 0 comments

Saya teriak bila sy nmpak nie video especially my Key's part.
Finally,lepas juga rindu sy sama namja yg paling sy sayang nie.
It's really2 been a long time since I didn't see him.
Onho sy nmpak di MC.Jongtae pula pics drg.
Only Key sorang ja yg lama suda tiada apa2 about  him.
 Memang dugaan buat sy.I miss him like carzy.
That's whylah i really2 miss him so much.
When I 1st saw this video,I really happy.
My Key looks so cute,healthy n happy.
I like his hair.
2min also like that.
I like Taemin's hair too.
Fans said that there's 2 Key in this video.
Bcuz Taemin's hair same with Key's hair b4.
Aigoo~So cute wuli Taekey.
Really Like Eomma Like Son lah.Saya suka.
They just too cute.
There's also red drawing on my Key's face also Taemin's.
I like too see Sulli.She's just too cute.
But too bad there's no Mr Dubu n Mr Bling Bling here.
I don't know d reason.SHINee not perfect without them.
SHINee will only perfect with 5 of them for me.
I really like Key's part @ 0.17.Too cute.
Then,@ 1.28.His smiling really makes me melt!!!!!
I don't know what he's laughing at maybe Taemin but that's so enough to make me scream in front this lappy.
I keep replay~replay~replay~ that part.
His smile really can kill me.
They really makes my day.
Also,I like his Peace sign.
I want to see Jongkey do d Peace sign again owh.
Then,there's a part when Key do his hands like flying when they change positions.
Ai...boleh dikatakan all Key's part I like lah.
N cheers for him pun loud like d others.
Key,You Look So Cute Today.
Keep It Up Ma Boy.
SHINee ah~Palli do A Comeback so I can scream Louder!!!!!!!
Oh Yeah! Baby~Baby ~Baby SHINee~
Omo,my crazyness come again.
Oh Yeah! Baby~Baby~Baby Boy~
Oh Yeah! Baby~Baby~Baby Key~

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