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SHINee’s 2nd Japan Single (Juliette) To Be Released on Aug 29!!!!!!!!
Thursday, July 28, 2011 | 5:11 PM | 7 comments
SHINee sy sngat comey kat sini :)

Juliette Japanese version will be released on 29 Aug with a coupling song titled “Kiss Kiss Kiss.”

Yep, it’s a new song!!! T.T And the title >.< it must be a sweet, sweet, sweet song. Can’t wait~

[Source: from a fan who attended today’s reception]

Credit: jujugal

SHINee’s 2nd Japanese Single “JULIETTE” will be out on AUGUST 29! Their 2nd Track which will be their 1st Japanese song will be called “KissKissKiss

- SHINee announced it on their Premium Reception Event today.

I'm so happy!!!!!
I'm excited n really can't wait for that date.
Tapi kan,msti 29 August tue sy tgah berada di Kg Sipitang sbab 30 August kan Raya suda!!!
I can wait bha.
Menunggu dgan pnuh kesabaran ja.
Maybe 2 Sept bru bleh sy tgok:(

Errrm....Kiss Kiss Kiss.
Such a cute name of d title n I hope it will be a cute song.
N I also hope for MV.
I wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss my SHINee.
Apa yg sy suka ialah,sy selalu sebut2 words I Kiss Kiss You to my little cousin.
I didn't expect that the Kiss3 words will be SHINee's new song.
Aww~So Sweet <3 

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