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SHINee Replay 君は僕のEverything Japan 110703
Monday, July 04, 2011 | 12:32 AM | 0 comments

Wah~Akhirnya lepas juga rndu sy sama darling2 sy nie bila tgok nie video.
They look so adorable n awesome.
I miss them so much still.
Before they sing,all of their face is focused by the cameraman n all of them wink!!!!!!!!!
*faint* *died*
I really like d part Jongkey's lipbite n winks.N also Taemin's hair flip.Onew look like a kid when he wink.Minho maintain macho n cool.
Aww~SHINee,they giving me cuteness+adorableness overload.
Killer Smile. Killer Wink. Killer Lips-Biting-Hot-Boyz. Killer Voice.
All Perfect!!!!!
Then, I really like d part when Taemin as usual gave Key his mic to dance n it's like Magic when i see d speed from Taekey when Taemin gets back his mic from Key.I keep replay~replay~replay that part.
Ah,I got a new called for my shining SHINee.
My Adorable SHINee ^_^

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