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The Real Onkey
Tuesday, July 05, 2011 | 10:39 PM | 0 comments

Every fan-account about Key says that he's manly in person. He has no aura of being an Umma and diva at all. Even a gay person admit that Key's much more different close up, they say his very polite and a REAL MAN...

Those who met Onew said that he's quite different from his cute and smiley persona on stage, and that he is much more serious. But everyone said that he's really well-mannered and polite, and a real gentle man^^. And his Onew sangtae is REAL...

Okeyz,I got this from Onew Sangtae at FB.
N when I read this I was so shocked when I see the real thing about Key.
I didn't expect that Key is kinda that person.
He's really impress me owh.
N I'm so proud with him.I know why there's a word 'GAY' when it's about Key.
Hahahahahahaha.A Shawols must know bha kan.
But I'm so in Love with him when when I read this all.
So,after this people who don't know Key,don't say he's GAY!!!!!!
He juz like pink,being a diva n umma n do a lot of skinship.
That's all,OK.
I really want to see when Key being a manly person.Mesti macho kan.
Oh Oh Oh Oh Key ah~Sarangahae~

N Onew,I know that he really well-mannered bcuz I always saw him bow when he meets older person or his sunbae.
Also,about his Onew Sangtae is definitely real cuz Key already confirm it that it's natural.
Daebak Onew!!!!
Daebak Onkey!!!!!!

p.s-I really2 miss my SHINee.There's no news about them for a long time suda owh!!!!!
There's a news that  said 2moro they gonna released teaser for their new Japanese single.Juliette.Remake of Korean Version.
Well,lets juz hope that's gonna be true n happen.

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