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Pray For Korea
Thursday, July 28, 2011 | 9:17 AM | 0 comments
Good Morning!!!
Say that to cute cute Onkey.
I skipped school today.
Sebab hidung sy tersumbat.
Actually,lama bha suda sy sakit nie.
Tapi sy malas bha mau ponteng.
Form 5 suda kan.
Remember SPM!!!
So,tgok tjuk sy tue.
Yup,poor Korea.

From the landslide and flash floodings, about 50 people died.

In just one day, rain poured over 300mm in seoul and middle regions of korea, swallowing it with rain.

The casualties came mostly from landslides.

Seoul Sucho region's Woomyun and Bangbae, namtae, etc had landslides, causing all of 16 people to die and 2 people missing.

Around 6:30 yesterday night, in Kyungki's Paju city, gumsanli, had landslide, and covered the nearby factory, causing 5 workers to be covered under earth; which 3 of them died.

Kangwondoh Chunchun Shinbook Sohyang Dam had landslide also, causing 13 Inha college students to die and 24 to get injured.

Hachun's flashflooding caused lots of problems too.

Kyungkidoh kwangju Kyungahnchun and gwomchi ahmchun etc etc had flashflooding, killing 8 people and 7 to be missing.

Central Weather safety association said total of 35 died over the few days, but it's official counting with narrow requirements and there are lots more missing people, and we are expecting more casualties.

From this rain, total of 3400 houses, 4500 people had problems in their households.

Kwangju gohnju ahmchun and etc etc local citizens recieved warnings to leave the area.

110000 houses lost power.

1300 houses got underwater and more than 600ha farming areas got underwater.

Trains also stopped.

I hope nothing happen with d 5 I love although now they in Japan.
Pray for all Koreans :(

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