Sweet Love
Onew n Minho last day @ Music Core
Sunday, July 10, 2011 | 11:18 AM | 0 comments

[From. ONEW, Min Ho] Thank you!!!!!!! ^^

Today was the last day we met everyone as MCs...
Fans and staffs who have been supporting us... thank you so~ much!
It's been a happy and pleasurable time seeing you all every week.
We'll meet everyone with even better images next time~~
Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Aww~So sad :(
I am surely gonna miss them.
They were really good as a MC.
They awesome,funny,cute n great.

But,it's okeyz bcuz it's for my SHINee.
So,Onho n also Jongkeytae my love juz do d best for SHINee n Shawol okeyz.

Annyeonghi Kasayo Oppa :)
SHINee ah Hwating!!!!
Nomu nomu Saranghae SHINee <3

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