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Happy Birthday Taemin
Monday, July 18, 2011 | 2:38 PM | 0 comments

Saengil Chukahamnida~
Saengil Chukahamnida~
Saranghaneun Lee Taemin~
Saengil Chukahamnida~

Today is 18th of July n guess wat?
It's Taemin Birthday!!!!!!
D cute n beautiful maknae of my beloved SHINee.
He's 19 in Korea but actually he's 18.He was born on 1993 bha.
Still young bha c cutie nie.He look so hot this days.
I juz want to say that I hope Taemin will always success in everything he do n of cuz with his SHINee hyungs.
Juz stay healthy n happy ok.Arasso?
Don't stop smiling bcuz ur smile is the sweetest smile that I've ever seen.
SHINee smile actually :) No one can beat their smile :)
So,always smile :)
I know that today maybe SMent will do a surprise b'day party to him.
So juz enjoy urself with SHINee hyungs n fans.
N I also hope u will celebrate ur b'day party with ur sweet hyungs happily!!!!!!!
Nomu nomu joha Taeminie!!!!!
O Taemin ah~Although ur now is a grown up man,juz don't stop to drinking ur fav banana n strawberry milk n juz keep being childish n a cutie.I really like to see u drinking ur banana milk.
Last but not least,Lee Taemin@Mushroom Baby Milk Cutie Hwaiting!!!!!!
You are d best Kpop Dancer.You are d dancing machine of SHINee.No one can beat you.
You are d Only One.Saranghae Taemin ah~ and SHINee!!!!!!!! <3 :)

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