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Co-Ed School- I Love You A Thousand Times
Saturday, July 30, 2011 | 4:16 PM | 0 comments

My Fav Song!!!!!
I never know that Co-Ed School has this nice song.
I just found out this song 2 months ago.
The story is,sy tgoklah wikipedia Co-Ed School nie.
Then,bila sy baca sy terRead pula tajuk I Love You Thousand Times.
Wah~macam cantik ja tjuk lagu nie kan.
Trus sy cari d Youtube lah lagu nie.
Bila sy dgr,trus sy suka nie lagu.
Mmg best sngat.
I like this kind of song.
Tadi this song is my background music for this blog but I change it.
I realized all my song in my  blog are all duet songs except Mistake from SNSD.That's d first song.
Then,I change  d song to If You Cannot by Jungmin n Jisun then change again to Like A Star by Taeyon n his teacher.
Then,this song.But I change again to my Darlings song.
One voice now.
But I really2 like this song.
I like Chanmi.
Heard that she's a former SM Trainee.
They lyrics is so nice~ 

p/s-From now on I will use Pink,Blue,Green,Purple,Red,Yellow,Orange colour to write my post.Only those colour.The other colours not bright bha kan.

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