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[Audio]110723 JONGKEY - Let's Get Married!!!!!!!!
Sunday, July 24, 2011 | 3:58 PM | 0 comments

Errmmmmm...Wat to say?
Sy ndak tau ini post Jongkey yg keberapa bcuz I've talk a lot about them in my blog this.
Why Are You 2 Being Naughty Like This?~
They really make all Jongkey Shippers crazy with this audio.
Include me.Wae so sweet?
Juz get married todaylah.No need to wait for 10 years from now.
They both old suda nanti.
My Diva will be 30 n his husband is 31.
OMG!!!!!Why Am I Being Like This??~
They Gay!!!!!Wae I'm Support about this Gay Thing??
 Hehehehehe...Juz Kiddin~
Aniyo~Jongkey is Real!!!!!!
But of cuz they not Gay,they juz play2 bha tue.
They are stright guy bha.
Don't think lain-lain ah~
They juz show their close friendship bha tue~Others pun mcam tue jgak tue.So sweet <3
But,seriously I really wanna watch Jongkey reaction n other members n fans when they talked about this.
I wanna watch!!!!Someone please upload this cute moment.Chebal~!!!!!!

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