Sweet Love
Shining SHINee HMV Interview
Friday, June 10, 2011 | 11:26 PM | 0 comments
As,usual my 5 shining baby is so cute.
But,seems like Taemints n Blingerz are fighting n not sattisfied with this video.
Bcuz Taemin n Jjong switched places.
Supposedly Taemin is d 1 who sit beside Minho n Jjong should stand beside Onkey.
So,there's a lot of comment that said  why did they do Jjong like that?
But for me it doesn't matter bha.
Maybe juz for this n if it goes like that after this,Jjong is still talkative although he sit.
No problem mah.
A lot of people said that they want to give Taemin all Jjong's part n postion.
Dont think like that bha.
If u are a real Shawol,you must support all of them.
No fight fight bha.
Shawol's d best.
Dont make Shawol's name down arasso.
I Love SHINee.

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