Sweet Love
Sunday, June 26, 2011 | 5:27 PM | 0 comments

Daebak SHINee!!!!!!
They did a really good job here.
I really proud with them .
They just too hot n cute.My love for them grow bigger n bigger day by day.
I want to see Key with Lady Gaga bha but there's no any photos or video that shows them.
Key is a Lady Gaga hard Fanboy.We can see him wears Lady Gaga shirts here.
N also Lady Gaga badge on another jacket.
Although I don't like Lady Gaga but bcuz my Key like her soooo much,so it's kinda okeyzlah jugak for me.
Besides,Lady Gaga's song are not bad but it's kinda a puja2 evil song lah kan.Some song only mah....Not all
N in this video also Key sang Onew's part...You're My MVP.
Some MVP's mad.Wat to do?
Okeyz,enough.Now, pics....

SHINee Hwaiting!!!!!!

They look cute in their colourful outfit.

Wave~wave SHINee....I see Lady Gaga

They look so cute n macho n handsome

Lady Gaga badge again,Key

This is my Shining SHINee.They always shine in everything they do n I love them

Onew in Floral Pink?Hehehehe,Key's fav colour.

Jjong,u ok now rite.Always smile.

Key,why u do that sad face.Has u meet the person on ur shirts?Go meet her.I want to see u 2 together owh...

King Skull in Minho's shirt

Sexy Taemin BB.Some Shawols wants him to stop growing.Why,bcuz he's too hot...

Ma Boy with some of AKB48.Lucky Girlz...

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