Sweet Love
SHINee Debut @ London @Abbey Road Studios
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 5:42 PM | 0 comments
Too bad Jjong was sick.
If not,SHINee will be really2 Perfect.
But,it's okeyz.
I'm proud with them.
This is what i called Perfect but Jjong has to leave early bcuz he's really sick.Pity Jjong

I like his new hair.Suits with him.

I hope u already fine now Jjong

My Diva do has a killer smile that makes me melt n die.

Mr Frog Ace

D Hot Makne

Annyeong Haseyo,Bitnaeneun SHINee imnida.No more Jjong here.
I wish I can grab their hands.Key's pants is so funy.

Key ah~Who are u calling.His pants looks like ahjumma's pants.Hehehe.

They all look so handsome

Minho with his fans cards

Goku Hair?

This boy really like headband.Such a diva my lovey


Shining boyz @street

High 5
I wish I can meet them.(Keep dreaming)

Ahh~Cuteness overload.Really2 love them n Jjong

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