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Shin Se Kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun are no longer dating
Monday, June 20, 2011 | 10:06 PM | 0 comments

Actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun have gone their separate ways.
According to Shin Se Kyung’s agency on June 20th, Shin Se Kyung and Jonghyun are no longer dating, but are instead continuing their relationship as friends. The star couple raised the hopes of many as the new generation’s star couple, and the news of their separation has saddened many fans, though there are surely those that are now rejoicing over their favorite star’s single status.
The representative stated, “Though the two had good feelings for each other, after the news of their relationship was made known, the two were so busy with their schedules that it became difficult for them to meet and spend time together. Recently, they naturally decided to stay friends.
Another representative revealed, “I think it was hard for them to make time for each other, as each had very different schedules to complete. They said they decided to stay good friends.
It seems that it hasn’t been long since the two broke up, as up until June 14th, when actor Kim Hye Sung enlisted in the military, there wasn’t any word about their breakup.
Since last October, when their dating pictures were first released, Jonghyun has been going in and out of the country for a variety of concerts and Shin Se Kyung has been busy filming for her upcoming movie.

Hermmm....I dont' knowlah when I saw this news i should happy or sad.

But I think it's both.
Sad n happy.
Sad,because poor Jongkyung lah kan.
Happy, I don't know lah knpa I happy.Hehehehehehehe.
Bad me.
Sy masih ingat bila 1st time sy tau yg c Jjong ada gf,macam org gila owh saya.
Trus sy menjerit mau menangis.
Sudalah wktu tue time exam,bikin org susah hati jak.
Lpas tue kono2 ada lagi pasal berita yg kononnya Jongkey mcam ndak mcam dulu lagi.
Drg mcam bergaduh.
Tp,lpas tue ok pun sy tgok Jongkey.Siap ada pocky kiss lagi.
So sweet.
Bagi sy,mcam ada something wrong owh dengan news about d breakup of Jongkyung.
Sbab smlam Jonghyun x jadi wat persembahan sama SHINee d London sebab dia tiba2 kena high fever.
Bila sy tau,dia ndak jd wat persmbahan tue mcam mau mnagis sy trus.
Sedih n syngnya.
Msti Blingers sedih kan.
Tp,itupun untuk kbaikan Jjong juga kan.Takut nanti keadaan dia brtmbah truk.
Juz Get Well Soon,Okeyz Jjong.
Dear SHINee,please don't be too tired2 n take care of urself n healthy,ara.
Apa yg buat sy mcam lain adalah apabila tiba2 ja selepas Jjong x wat persmbhan di London,
Muncul pula berita pasal Jongkyung breakup.
Mcam btul2 something fishy owh.
Siapa tau mgkin Jongkyung mmg sudah diumumkan PUTUS tp siapa juga tau yg mgkin
drg masih couple.Who Knows?They can do any fake news rite.
N siapa juga tau yg mgkin Jongkyung ni fake.I mean they nver be a true couple.
Sbab ada byak org ckap  yg Jongkyung nie fake sbab gmbr drg dating di street hr tue mcam
Aigoo~sy ndak tau lah mana 1 yg btul.
Pasal news nie kan,ada 50% org happy n ada 50% org sad.
Sy dua2.
Yg happy mstilah Blingers yg mmg btul2 sngat2 suka akan Jonghyun kan yg mmg gila mati sama dia.
Yg sedih mstilah Blingers yg baik n sokong Jjong dlam apa saja yg dia buat.
Dlam hal nie,cuma Jonghyun n Se Kyung ja tau d truth n hati drg.
Anyway,sy doakan yg terbaik utk Jjong n of cuz my SHINee!!!!
Actually,sy mau post pasal SHINee d London,tp nantilah k.
Tommorow maybe.

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