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Netizen View’s on Key’s “V SIGN”
Thursday, June 16, 2011 | 9:31 PM | 96 comments

SHINee’s 5 member photos at Paris were reveal.
For ‘2010-2012’ Korea Photo Book SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS concert,  took the shots of SHINee daily life and preparing for SM TOWN in Paris rehearsal photos .
SHINee demonstrated on the streets in Paris, the unique charm of the five respectively:
Onew - bright simple yellow hoodies
Taemin - Simple stylish black t-shirt and mint colour bottom and  pair of sunglasses
 Minho - Sky blue short sleeve, beige bottom showing the look of a Healthy Undergrads
Jonghyun - Cute Rainbow t-shirt
and not forgetting our fashionista Key
With SHINee , there’s also photo of Jonghyun, Minho , photo taken with f(x), attracts netizen attention especially , Key although every photo is taken with different people, there’s always a same cute pose and that’s the “V sign” , For this netizen make this remark of “ Paris warm weather” “SM Town is gold” “ Key little man post,so cute!” “From the start it’s VVV!” responds. 
Daebak Diva!!!!

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