Sweet Love
Key thinks he makes SHINee famous in Europe + MINKEY moment
Monday, June 13, 2011 | 5:08 PM | 0 comments
Ahhhh~My Diva so cute.
Am I too over if i said that when Minho calm my baby down,he look like a kid.
So cute owh u Key.
N there's a Minkey moment too.Sweet~
My diva is so naughty n perasan owh.
This are some comments from Youtube that i like.
Juz gonna paste it here.
(LOL so true kibummie! international Lockets are more than k-lockets! seriously~
i think you stalk us secretly^^)...well, I hope so n proud if that true.I really noticed that between all SHINee members,my diva seems like has not have too many fans in Korea.But, I do think he has more fans in International.

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