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Jongkey Is Real?
Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 10:29 PM | 0 comments
When I saw this MV,
I wonder if Jongkey Is Real?
IDTS.Juz skinship.
But,who cares?
They really look like GAY here.
Don't they look like they want to do 'something' fishy?
Jjong seems like want to touch Key n he do touch Key's neck but then Key like stopped him from doing that cuz he realises that they will be a lot of people watching them.
Aww~cuteness n sweet overload from my ultimate favourite coupure.
Yes.They are d perfect combination ever.Jongkey ahh~when will u 2 got married?Hehehehe.JK.
Stands for.
Juz Kiddin.
Jong Key.
I'm crazy with this two.
N there's a fan account about them in Paris recently.

First off, during “stand by me’ jongkey’s paths were crossing and so Key
Touched first Jonghyun’s arm, then his chest. During the whole song , Jonghyun
Was shooting glances at Key while singing.

Later, during another song ( I don’t remember) they were kneeling down next to each other and key had his hand on Jonghyun’s neck and they were staring at each other.

Aren' t they sweet?
Juz Get Married lah Jongkey.
Michin Me.
Jomgkey Daebak!!!!!!

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