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Happy Happy Birthday To......
Monday, June 06, 2011 | 11:13 PM | 0 comments

It's Me!!!!!@ Nur Raihan bt Abd Malik.
Okeyz,1st time since i have my own FB n another social network I post my own pics.
Okeyz again,honestly,I feel awkward cuz i'm not used to show my face to other people.
Bcuz i'm not beautiful.N i'm not like my diva who are keymera.
N i'm not good at posing n taking pictures.I'm not fashionista like my Diva.
I also dont like people taking my pictures.
But today for my Birthday i post my two pics.Yeah...that's me...n I'm chubby :)
Blah Blah Blah.With SHINee.
I know it's not nice.
Yeah,I know i'm look funny with my weird pose.I'm a weirdo.
Okeyz,enough with that nonsense Noi.Back to d title.
I'm 17teen today.Sweet 17teen.
I've grown up into a teenager.
But my birthday only only left 1 hour 21 minutes only from now.Sad.
Bye bye.
I'm happy bcuz a lot of my family n fren wish me on FB.
Even a fren that I never talked or chat.
Thank u so much 4 da wish.
I really appreciate it .Saranghae.
I've lived in this world 17 years.
Wat do I hope is
I hope I can be a good,nice n success person in my life.
I hope I can do my best for all my work n most important SPM.
Hwaiting Nonoi@RAINeeKey.Love U So Much.

Then,it's Kim Hyun Joong birthday too.
I know him of cuzlah since BOF but he's not my favorite in that drama.Minho is my fav.
But,when he acted in Playful Kiss, I like him.
Baek Seung Jo is perfect but arrrogant n Ego!!!!
I'm proud to have the same birth date with such famous people like him.

Then,it's Son Dongwoon maknae of Beast@B2st.He's 91 liner.
Okeyz,let me tell actually I like him bcuz of my Diva Key.
They are best fren.
Bcuz Key is so close with him so I started to bias him in B2st n he's cute tought.
But,sometimes my bias at b2st change to Gikwang n Yoseop.I really like those 2 voices.
N there's a Dongkey@Keywoon couple too beside Jongkey n other couple with my diva.

 Aren't they sweet.Omo~why am I talking about Dongkey couple?
But I still love more Key with his original SHINee coupure.
Every my post must be there Key's name.Michin me.
Okeyz,who's next?

It's Kim Hyuna.Sexy member of sexy 4 Minute.
I realize that Hyuna really like take her selca.
She's cute.
Especially in that two pics above.
I really like her hair for Mirror Mirror.
Ok,I know her since watching Invincible Youth.
She's naughty n cute at that shows.
N she's a dancing machine.

Okeyz,Happy Birthday again to me
N also Baek Seung Jo,Dongwoon n Hyuna althought I know they will NEVER saw my post.
Saengil Chukahae.

I'm proud to have same birth date as THEM.
This beautiful cupcakes are for me n them.

Bye Bye Adios


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