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Being Compared
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | 9:17 PM | 0 comments
Okay,actually i'm kinda depressed today but only at school for 20 minutes like that only.
Because i'm being compared with my cousin.
Okay,the person who compared me with my cousin is my Ekonomi Asas teacher@my mother's cousin.
So,she's like have that kind of relationship with me n my cousinlah.
Okay,here's d story.
My marks for Ekonomy this recent exam only got 40.I failed.That's really makes me feel so bad.
I almost cry when I saw my marks on Monday.But then,i'm okay.
But,today d teacher suddenly talk about our class Ekonomy marks.
She said that my class seems like no 1 can get A+ n also A for SPM.
She dissapointed with our mark.
The highest marks is 56,my best fren Syahirah got that.
I'm proud n happy for you my dear fren.
Keep it up.
Then,she told my class that,there's 1 student from last year,that always failed for this subject but when she got SPM results,she's got B+ for her Ekonomy paper.
That makes d teacher really proud with her.
I'm impressed lah with d student she mention about until she told our class d student's name.
"A A.Do u all know this students?"she said that to our class.
I'm very surprised when she mention my cousin's name.
Suddenly,i feel like so sad n my feelings is so down when she praise my cousin.
I'm happy for my cousin of cuz.Not that i'm jealous with her but d way my teacher praise d students like she looks down on me.
She knows that we are cousin but both of us keep it silent.
I only told my best fren that she's my aunty.
D rest donno.
Maybe bcuz my marks is bad.N she keep looking at me that makes me feel uncomfortable.
Then,i  try to not cry althought my tears already want to fall.
I told my fren about that.
N my fren told me to prove to my teacher that I can do as better as my cousin.
I also feel really spirited to study hard for her subject so she can proud with me.
I really2 feel down after that.
But,after went to library with my fren bcuz i'm not taking +Maths,i feel better.
So,that's lah d story.
I really2 don't like it when i'm being compared with someone else.
But,that really makes me lively lah to study hard for my coming SPM!!!
Nur Raihan,Hwaiting!!!!!
But,in that sad2 condition I also happylah.
I got 4th place in my class frm 34 students.
I never expected it.Luckily,my numbers were inform after Ekonomy class was over.So,it makes me feel happylah.
But,although i got No 4 but my marks for M3,PA,EA N SJ not that I can proud about.
So, I must work hard to keep my position n study all Subjects to maintains my mark n study hard for d subject that I weak.
Okeyz,that's all for today.
Feel so relieved after I wrote all this!!!!

Juz wanna add something.
My Dear Key n Taemin,Pleaselah
Can u two juz be polite like ur Onew Hyung when there's a fan greet ur all?
Don't be sombong2 bha!!!!!Haisyy.....

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