Sweet Love
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Okeyz,hari nie sy akn talk about Korean Drama lagi.
Tjuk dia 49 Days.
Actually,sy suda lama tau pasal drama nie since dia main di Astro Beyond channel 393.
Tp,malangnya bkan di rumah saya tp di rumah nenek sy.Sy mnumpang jer.
Wktu sy tgok 1st episode tu mcam best jer.
Hehehehehehehe.Tp lpas tue,sy biarkan jelah drama tue main sbab bkan selalu sy boleh tgok TV di rumah nenek sy tue.
Until,my sister buy d CD.Sy pun mnumpang sekalilah.
Sy ndak bayr sesen pun.Hahahahahaha.
Takperlah sbab selama nie pun semua CD yg saya beli pun drg kadang2  mnumpang jgak mcam sy  kcuali
BOF N EOE yg  kami kongsi duit.
Tp bkan sy tgok semua partlah drama nie.
Sbab ada wktunya bila my sister pasang nie CD,sy mengadap komputer.
Okeylah,apa yg sy boleh ckap psal nie drama,
Mmg bestlah.
Ada org ckap lbih best drpd Secret Garden tp bagi sy dua2 sama best n lain cerita drg.
Dua2 drama ada kelebihan n ada jalan cerita yg berbeza.
Tp 49 Days is sadder than SG lah.
Kesian owh cerita dia.
Mau menangis sy tgok yg mau dekat ending suda.
Okey,critanya mcam nie:

Ji-Hyun's (Nam Gyu-Ri) life seems to be storybook perfect. Her parents adore her and her friends all seem to admire her. Ji-Hyun is also engaged and set to marry her fiance Min-Ho (Bae Su-Bin) in just a few days. Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won) is a woman who is completely distraught over her life after her boyfriend died in an accident, and frequently contemplates suicide. She works the night shift at a convenient store, while sleeping in the afternoons.
On a fateful day, Yi-Kyung gets off a bus and wanders around. She then stands in front of a busy street and attempts to kill herself by walking into oncoming traffic. At that time, somebody saves her life by pulling her back. At this moment, Ji-Hyun, who is driving nearby, hits her breaks, but can't avoid the semi-trailer truck that has stopped in the middle of the road. Moments later, Ji-Hyun walks out of her car in a daze. She is shocked to see her body being carted into an ambulance. The only person who seems to notice her standing in the road is a man on a motorcycle. The man on the motorcycle is the Scheduler (Jeong Il-Woo) - an angel of sorts who awaits to take souls to their final destinations.
Ji-Hyun follows her body into the ambulance and watches as the paramedics attempt to revive her body. At the hospital, Ji-Hyun meets the Scheduler again. The Scheduler tells Ji-Hyun that if three people (besides her family) genuinely sheds tears over her condition within the next 49 days, her body will awake from its coma and she can live again. Ji-Hyun instantly thinks of her fiance and two best friends and is certain she will live again. For the next the 49 days, Ji-Hyun then takes over the body of the suicidal Yi-Kyung in her quest to find three such persons. Ji-Hyun gets a job at a restaurant owned by her friend, Han Kang (Jo Hyeon-Jae).
At this time, Ji-Hyun's memory starts to return to her. Before the accident, Ji-Hyun remembers going to see her best friend In-Jung (Seo Ji-Hye) to show off her bridal gown. When she arrived, Ji-Hyun saw her best friend and her fiance sitting together in a car. They looked so intimate sitting together. She was then driving to confront them when the accident occurred. Ji-Hyun now realizes that it won't be so easy to find three people who truly loves her ..

Mcam tuelah critanya....n spnjang 49 Days tuelah Ji Hyun tau siapa yg btul2 syg dia n sbaliknya.
Selain itu,sy juga part Yi Kyung n Yi Soo @Schedeuler.
Mana ada org sngka yg rupa-rupanya Scheduler yg nakal n banyak mulut tue rupa-rupanya lover c Yi Kyung.
Itulah c Yikyung lemah ja,sbab dia rndu BF dia yg suda mati.n this drama mmg ada unsur2 True Love gitue.
Nie,antara pics yg sy suka frm d drama
This part is flashbacked.Too sweet.

This too.

This is sad.D scheduler feels like he know this yeoja but he's not sure.Aww~

This part also sweet.Their high school times.

This is when Yi Soo shows hisself to Yi Kyung after 5 years they didn't meet.Sad.Kissu3 <3 But only for 1 day.

Ji Hyun n Han Kang date after Ji Hyun awake frm her 49 Days.

I like this part.I really like Ji Hyun characters.

N all this peace2 6 pics above is their off screen pics.
Sweet rite~So close owh them~

Take a look at d pics below.Seems like I ever see my Diva also wear that shirts at Jjong's bday party recently.Am I rite?Heheheheheehehe.
D scheduler wear same jacket with my diva.
I'm not wrong rite.
Hehehehehehe.Tajam btul mata sy kalo psal SHINee nie.
Ok,kalo Korean Drama ,OST nya mmg best n this drama oso like that.
Mula2 wktu sy tgok 1st ep,sy mcam...hrmmmm,ok2lah lagu2 dia.Ndak juga best sngat.
Tp lpas sy tgok drama nie n ada ja lagu2 yg sama jd backgorund drama nie,sy pun mcam trpikatlah sama ost2 drama nie.Mmg not badlah.Okeyz,here d OST2...

This all MV are my fav OST2 lah frm this drama.
Mmg ndak rugilah kalo rgok nie drama
N mmg beri kesan di hati sy.
Sy nie mmg suka jalan cerita love story yg mcam nie n sad2 gitue.
Oklah,nmpaknya pnjg btul juga post sy psal 49 Days nie kan.


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