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My Korean Collection Of Korean Drama
Thursday, May 05, 2011 | 3:08 PM | 0 comments
Sy nie mmg gila sama drama Korea sjak zaman Autumn In My Heart lg.
Tp sy mula addicted beli drama Korea sjak last year,2010...dlam bulan Jun bgituelah.
 N here are d list of Korean Drama that has been mine.Yg sy sudah beli.
Tadda!!It's Playful Kiss again.My fav drama among all.Love n Sweet

The Man Of The Vineyard,my 1st korean drama.My sister give this as a present for my 16th b'day.This lead me to buy korean drama.

Which Star Are You From? My 2nd korean drama that i bought with my own money.i love this drama storyline
East Of Eden.This cd i share money with my twin sisters.There's some part that i don't like.Fighting part.

Who doesn't know this drama.The famous drama for 2009.Althoug i already finished watched this drama at kbsw but seems like i can't get enough of this drama.Gu Jun Pyo is mine.This cd also share with my sisters.

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho.My own cd.I love this drama.Dae Wong ahh~

Oh My Lady.I bought this bcuz of Siwon and this drama not bad.

Secret Garden.I'm dying looking for this cd.

Personal Taste

You're Beautiful.My 2nd fav drama after P.K. I really love this drama.One word,Cute.I really love Jang Geun Suk here.


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