Sweet Love
28th of May@ Hapy Birthday Abah n My BFF
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 | 3:57 PM | 0 comments
28th of May is important date for me bcuz there's 2 person that I love was born at that date.
It's my Abah@ Abdul Malik
n My Best Fren@ Nur Syafini Azzierah.
For my Abah,my mother,my twins sisters spends him Pizza Hut that day.Errmm....Yummy.
For my fren,sorry.....I juz wish her at FB n SMS her.....but i want to give her a cakelah today.
Special for her....Tadaa....
Looks delicious that's why i already ate a slice.
Anyway.....Happy Belated Birthday to My Abah n Syafini.
Love U both.

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