Sweet Love
25th May 2011@Happy 3rd Year Annivesary SHINee
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 | 3:43 PM | 0 comments
Dear SHINee,
I know i'm late wishing ur 3rd Year Annivesary.
I'm late 6 days.
But,i juz want ur all to know that I really2 love ur all.

Lee Jinki @ Onew

Kim Jonghyun

Kim Kibum @ Key
Choi Minho
 Lee Taemin


I juz want SHINee to be happy always,love each other n will always success in everything their do.
I don't want to see SHINee disband so early n please be nice,happy go lucky.
SHINee can be anyting their want.
Happy,handsome,cute,macho,sexy,awesome,fantastic,hot,kitty,wolf,rabbit,puppy,dino,frog,dolphin many more,So,SHINee ahh~Hwaiting n i Love Ur All So Much.
Day by day my love for SHINee grows more n more n never decreased.
There's no words can express how much I Love SHINee.
SHINee  ahh~take care of youself n eat healthy,arasso?
Saranghaeyo SHINee ahh~
SHINee d 1st n one n only K Pop group that I Love crazily n happily.
SHINee ahh~Hwaiting!!!

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