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SHINee Replay~ Replay~Replay
Friday, April 29, 2011 | 2:34 PM | 0 comments
This is SHINee new image for their Japan Debut.They gonna do Replay Japan version for their debut song.Cute SHINee with colourful outfit.

The many picture below is SHINee @ Severance Hospital Love Concert.This is Jonghyun 1st appearance performing with SHINee at public after a long time.Sy happylah bila tgok drg smua.Rmbut drg pun semua hot2 gitue.Lbih2 lg rmbut c Taemin.Red colour owh.All of them looks hot with their new hairstyle n colour.Hensem2 n cute2 bha hubby2 sy nie.Hehehehehehe.....<3

N this 2 sweet pics bonus.....Jongkeytae @ their hairstylist wedding.New pic.

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