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SHINee Is Back!!!!!!!
Sunday, April 10, 2011 | 3:01 PM | 0 comments
Bila sy tgok gmbr yg 1st tue punyalah sy happy....ndak trkata sy punya kehappyian tue....
Stelah skian lama sy tunggu mgkin dlam 4 blan utk tgok SHINee as 5 akhirnya td bila sy buka blog SHINee itu gmbr yg sy mula2 nmpak.Gmbr tue SHINee @ Sungkyunkwan University,drg punya hairstylist punya wedding.The pic was taken on 9th of April 2011.Cmelnyalah sy tgok sy punya 5 Prince Charming tue.Wlaupun sy smalam sdih btul psal x dpat laptop 1 Malaysia tue,tp bila sy tgok gmbr drg tue sy trlalu happy sngat2.No words can describe my feelings when i saw that pic.I hope after this they will continue their activity with 5 members.Must 5.And the last picture was taken on 8th of April on Jonghyun's birthday party.Cute n handsome owh drg smua.Syg btul sy sma SHINee nie.Sy hrap drg akan stay mcma nielah.Ndak brubah n stay cute n happy go lucky.I LOVE SHINee SO MUCH!!!!!!!!PLEASE ALWAYS MAKES ME HAPPY OK SHINee. <3

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