Sweet Love
Lollipop +So Into You
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | 6:09 PM | 0 comments
Bila sy dgar this song for d 1st time,sy trus suka nie lagu.Sy bru tau yg rupa-rupanya f(x) ada lagu nie versi Chinese n of cuz I like Korean version more.This song is so catchy.SHINee ada,apa lg mstilah sy suka.Energetic n Funky song.I like all part.Taemin's voice is so improve.Onew n Jjong as usual powerful.Minho not rap for this song n he sing like other member.I like his voice.N lastly my Key,he' s really d diva among d diva.He rap n sing n this song.From all SHINee member my Key is d one who got most part in this song.Proud me.I really like when  he say 'Lollipop'.Such a diva. Amber n him rap.So sweet.I also like Key's part @ 2.40.At 1st i confused who sing that part cuz it's impossible for Key sang that part cuz he's already rap.But d voice seems like Key n seems like not him.But when i hear for d 2nd time it's definitely him.He's voice making me melt with that sweet part.Then @ FB there's a person like drg mcam x suka Key byak part dlam lgu nie.So,knapalah.They like...'Onew...7 sconds?'......
So,what??They make me pissed of owh.Knpalah bha juga kalo c Key dpat byak part dlam lgu nie.Lgpun ini bkan full lg SHINee jgak.Ada jg bha lg SHINee yg c Key n Minho drg punya part sikit jark.N biasalah org yg bias drg mmg ndak puas hatilah.Tp bglah sy punya Key chance in this song.Lol,I really like this song.
Other than this song sy juga lg So Into You,Beautiful Goodbye,Gangsta Boy n Stand Up di album baru f(x).
Tp yg sy asyik replay is So Into You.A ballad song.N we can hear Amber sing on this song.No rap ok.
Her voice not bad n beautiful.This song is too sweet n even before I played this song,frm looking d title i can feel this song wiill be nice n good.N it's so true.
I'm so in love with this song.Replay over n over again.

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