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Happy Birthday Jonghyun
Friday, April 08, 2011 | 1:38 PM | 0 comments
Saengil chukahamnida~
Saengil chukahamnida~
Saranghaneun Kim Jonghyun~
Saengil chukahamnida~

Today is April 8th and it's Jonghyun's birthday.
It's his 22 b'day in Korea while 21 b'day @ Malaysia.
But,actually he is 21.Still young bha u handsome.
I juz want to say that i hope Jjong will always success in everything he do and with SHINee memberdeul.
Stay healthy n happy ok.Arasso?
I also hope today he will celebrate his bday with SHINee.
Please come back faster Jonghyun cuz I really miss U.
Miss to see U perform with SHINee as 5 and miss to see u do an activity with SHINee.
I really2 love you.Dont be too sad and take care of ur health so u can perform with SHINee always.
Last but not least,Kim Jonghyun@Puppy Dino Jjong Bling Bling Hwaiting!!!!
You are d best Kpop lead vocal.Only You.Saranghae Jjong n SHINee!!!!!

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