Sweet Love
f(x) Pinnochio
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | 5:46 PM | 0 comments
f(x) is back!!!!!!!!!
Daebaklah f(x)......MV d atas tue  is their comeback song.
Bila sy tgok full MV nie smalam trkjutlah jgak cuz there's no my diva n other cameos that have been confirmed.
Trcari carilah jgak.I wonder if that have been said confirmed before is true or still rumors.Aisyyy...I hate it.
Tp sudah sy tgok drg punya MV nie hilanglah kekecewaan sy sbab mmg bestlah MV nie.This song also very good.I'm addicted to this song.SMent kalo wat lagu utk Idols drg mmg not badlah.MV dia sangat class gitu....
Cute,Class,Cantik,Colourful......hahahahahaha 4C.Amber is too beautiful in this MV.I never expected that tomboy like her can be as beautiful as this:
She's pretty!!!!!

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